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Space Planning 101

Most of us in the San Francisco Bay Area have lived in a tight space at some point during our time here. Our Edwardian apartments are oh so charming, but pose a challenge when planning furniture layouts. At Niche Interiors, our interior designers believe that good design starts with an efficient space plan. Follow these guidelines to get started!

Sample floor plan of a living room furniture layout by Bay Area interior designers

• Allow ample space for traffic flow in a room. Major walkways should have 30-36″ space and secondary pathways (such as between a sofa and coffee table) should have 18″.

• Create comfortable conversation areas. Avoid the impulse to stick all the furniture against the walls. Instead, place furniture in seating groups to allow for intimate conversations.

• Place lighting evenly throughout a room. Please, please don’t rely on the overhead light in your living room! Mix in table and floor lamps (preferably with dimmers) so the lighting is warm and inviting and there are no dark corners.

• Don’t skip the cocktail tables! Ever been to a friend’s house and realized you had nowhere to set down your drink? Avoid this problem by ensuring that you have ample landing spots placed throughout the room. Wherever there is a chair there should be a table in arm’s reach.

One thought on “Space Planning 101

  1. Wow these are all great points that I’ve completely overlooked. I’m definitely going to reference this in my next DIY design post I write.

    Thanks for the inspiration Jennifer!

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