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Custom Drapery Guide

Need to warm up a stark room in your home? Drapery panels are one of the easiest ways to soften a space, while adding color, pattern, and texture. Get started with our top tips below!

1. Appropriate Fabric, Correct Weight.  Natural textiles like linen, silk, or cotton are rich in texture and typically drape well. Linen and cotton drapes are simple, unfussy options, and are well-suited for contemporary spaces. Silk works best in more traditional or formal spaces. When selecting a fabric make sure to pay attention to the weight ~ hold up a swatch of the fabric by the corner and see how well it falls. If the fabric is too stiff or thick your drapes will look bulky and won’t hang right.

custom drapery and window treatments San Francisco

2. Line it.  Beautiful drapes should never go unlined. Lining protects decorative fabrics from fading from constant sun exposure, and provides a crisp, clean appearance from the outside. Regular cotton lining is generally sufficient for public rooms, while blackout lining is the preferred option for bedrooms.

Drapery panel styles show in Bay Area homes

3.  Mount them High.  Elongate the height of your room by mounting your drapery hardware close to the ceiling, rather than right above the window frame. Drapes should fall 1/2″ above the floor to prevent dragging or puddling.

Custom window hardware

4. Handsome Hardware. Don’t forget the jewelry! Select drapery hardware in a similar finish to the other metals in the room. Typically, nickel and chrome are used in contemporary spaces, while wood, antiqued finishes, and iron are appropriate in more traditional settings.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this advice on getting the right custom drapes. I had no idea that the fabric and weight was so important to having the perfect curtains! Usually when I buy decorative things, I just get whatever looks pretty! However, I will be sure to see how the material falls to make sure I’ll like how it looks! Thanks again for the great advice!

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