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Color Trend : Fabulous Fuchsia

We couldn’t be happier that fuchsia is an “it” color right now!  However, working with pink hues can be challenging ~ the wrong shade can easily look childlike or garish.  Here are a few tips for tastefully incorporating this trend in your home.

Find the Perfect Shade.  Look for deeper hued fuchsias with violet undertones.  The deeper the hue, the richer the impact.  Also, it’s a sure-fire way to avoid that 1980’s Barbie pink.

Less is More.  Fuchsia is an extremely saturated hue, so use it sparingly.  Select a few fuchsia accents such as pillows, lampshades, or artwork to sprinkle throughout a room.

Flowers are Your Friend.  If you can’t commit to permanent accents, inject some color into your space using arrangements of bright voluminous flowers. We like orchids for their height and dahlias for low clustered arrangements.

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