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Organizing Your Home with Changing Places

We are excited to share a guest post from Katie Carr, Executive Vice President at Changing Places, an award winning home organizing and move coordination firm based in Marin. Her team of professional home organizers specialize in orchestrating complex relocations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and California.

Katie Carr of Changing Places, a home organizing and move coordination company in the San Francisco Bay Area

Start by studying how you and your family move about your house. Recognize how you utilize each room, and how often you’re there – this will help prioritize your organizing.

High-end home interior design project in San Francisco


Most of us walk into our house with purses, groceries, keys, and more. An intuitive “drop zone” off your main entryway creates a home for essential items. It may include a key rack, an inbox for kids’ artwork or bills, or an attractive container for everyday items.

Detail of modern desk lamp in San Francisco home

Even if your home office shares space with a bedroom, create a dedicated work area that inspires you.

• Love where you work – even if you don’t have a window, hang a pretty picture above your desk and personalize a small corner of your desk with framed photos, a living plant or kids’ artwork.
• Buy a beautiful basket to tame your inbox piles on your desk’s surface, and use vertical file boxes for everyday papers.
• Invest in an attractive, comfortable and ergonomic chair.

What good is that custom closet when your most needed items are inaccessible (or in a pile)? Make sure essentials are within arm’s reach and contained well.

• Use garment boxes and sweater bins, which can also house handbags.
• Slim, velvet hangers work well to maximize space – you can squeeze in 20-25% more than traditional wooden hangers.
• See through acrylic shoe boxes stack well – and protect your Choos!

3 thoughts on “Organizing Your Home with Changing Places

  1. I love the thought of creating an inspiring work area. Living in a small apartment with two kids, I get the whole go to ‘your’ place to work. I like the thought of really making it yours, and one that is conducive to great work.

  2. I love this so much! Our apartment has a nice walkin closet and I’m trying to figure out what to do with it to make it look nice and organized. It still has boxes and bags in it from when we moved!

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