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Living in Style…With a Toddler!

There are plenty of mixed opinions about having a stylish home with young children. We are firm believers that you can have both! With a few smart interior design choices (and the right stain treatment) your home can be a beautiful place that the whole family can enjoy. Our latest project in Laurel Heights, San Francisco is a perfect example – sophisticated yet warm and livable.

Formal Living Room design in San Francisco Edwardian Home

The velvet sofa and ivory armchairs in the formal living room were stain treated with a non-toxic, water-based solution. So far no sticky hand prints or stains!

Entryway with contemporary furniture in San Francisco home designed by Bay Area interior designers

A textural wool rug is easy to clean and hides tiny toddler crumbs while the sturdy resin cocktail table can withstand bumps without tipping over easily.

Family Room

A kids corner is created in the family room with plenty of storage for toys and books. The white bookcase and shelves coordinate with the media stand for a cohesive look. A lightweight coffee table is easily moved aside when the train set comes out. Ready to start on your family-friendly interior design project? Contact us today!

3 thoughts on “Living in Style…With a Toddler!

  1. Very nice and elegant interior. I really love the white paint of the house because its very neat and clean. Just be careful with children because they might write something on your wall or anywhere they want(Actually, they love arts). Like what happened here in our wall, its full of child arts 🙂

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