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Flame Retardant Update

Our recent projects in Woodside and Napa have very different styles, but share common requirements: Non-toxic finishes and no flame retardants. We continually update our eco-friendly database to track which furniture manufacturers are phasing out harmful flame retardants from their upholstery. Read on to learn which companies are headed in the right direction!


Long-standing Green Companies
Cisco Home, Lee Industries, and Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams have all been offering a greener alternative to traditional foam for years. Up until the new 2013 update to TB117 passed in California, Lee Industries and Mitchell Gold were using soy foam, which contain significantly less chemicals. Cisco Home takes it one step further by offering natural latex and organic wool options. Mitchell Gold and Lee Industries now use foam with no flame retardants.

On Board
• Crate & Barrel phased out flame retardants in early 2014 – kudos!
• DWR has phased out the use of flame retardants in their new pieces, but be sure to check if you are purchasing something from old stock which may still have chemicals.
• Room & Board stated that their manufacturers have phased out flame retardants this year.

Not Even Close
• Restoration Hardware still uses flame retardants and has no known plans to change. Boo!

When in doubt, check the label on the underside of sofas. A new Calfornia law requires that furniture made after January 1, 2015 feature an updated label that clearly states whether or not flame retardants were added to the foam.

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