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The Cure for Chilly San Francisco Nights

Galanter & Jones has created the perfect solution for our chilly Bay Area backyards – furniture that’s stylish, modern and WARM! The San Francisco-based company began crafting heated outdoor furniture in 2012, after struggling to find a solution for their own San Francisco backyard. We caught up with the creators, brother and sister duo Miranda and Aaron Jones, at their SOMA studio this week.

heated modern outdoor bench by galanter jones in San Francisco home
Helios bench

They achieve the beautiful curves (and ergonomic, comfy) shape of the Helios bench by using a hand shaped mold to create each bench. Simply plug it in and set it to your desired temperature, and presto! – you have a cozy spot to relax without the hassle of heat lamps. The smooth hi-tech cast stone retains the heat and withstands the elements year round.

Owners of Galanter and Jones, a modern furniture company based in San Francisco California
Miranda & Aaron Jones
heated modern furniture by San Francisco designer Galanter and Jones
Evia bench

What’s next? Keep an eye out for a new coffee table design and a chair version of the Helios coming soon. Head to Flora Grubb Gardens to take a seat and see what all the fuss is about…I’m pretty sure you won’t want to get up!

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