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Kid-friendly Storage Solutions

With school out for summer you might be struggling to find a way to keep your children’s toys from taking over every inch of the house. We’ve rounded up a few chic ways to keep your home clutter-free while keeping toys and games easily accessible for playtime!

Custom ottoman with built-in storage designed by San Francisco Bay Area interior designer

Disguise What’s Inside. An easy way to completely remove toys from view is to use furniture that doubles as storage units such as ottomans, benches, or coffee tables. Niche Interiors designed the above ottoman with a removable top for stashing kids stuff out of sight before adult gatherings.

Mix It Up. Use low storage units that can house bins or be used as open shelving. Being able to see a few books and supplies will add visual interest to the room while providing easy access for your kids.

Boys bedroom design with green and blue accents designed by San Francisco Bay Area interior designer

Stylish Bins. Treat woven baskets, patterned bins, or wooden crates as design elements in your space – look for options that are both attractive and functional. Land of Nod, Serena & Lily, and The Container Store are all great places to start your search!

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  1. You read my mind with this post! I was just about to start looking at Ikea. Your red ottoman is much nicer 🙂

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