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How to Accessorize Like a Pro

You finally finished decorating your San Francisco dining room, but that empty console table is haunting you. Sound familiar? Accessories, or lack of, can make or break a room. Here are a few tips to trick out your tabletops in style!

1. Three is the Magic Number. When styling a table you always want to arrange items in groups of three or in odd numbers. This prevents an arrangement from looking too static.

2. Similar Items, Different Sizes. Find a common thread in the items you are combining, such as color, metal finish, or shape, and mix together various sizes. The goal is to engage the eye with variation and movement while keeping a harmonious feel.

3. Books are Your Best Friend. A stack of books is a surefire way to help fill up a large tabletop. A few guidelines:

• Always use hardback books
• Take the jackets off (90% of the time the actual book looks better than the jacket)
• Group like colors together (no rainbow book piles)
• Place an interesting object on top for a finished look

Happy styling!

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