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Tricks of the Trade : Designing for Couples

Is your partner’s decorating style totally different from yours? Join the club! At Niche Interiors we work with lots of couples and families – not all of them see eye to eye on their home’s decor. Over the years we have developed sure-fire methods of blending disparate design styles to create cohesive homes that everyone loves. Read on for our top three tips…

1. Find common ground. Gather inspirational images from interior design magazines independently. Make notes about why you like each image, with specific comments about colors, textures, and furniture. Sit down with your significant other and share your images — you might be surprised that your tastes overlap more than you thought.

2. Choose your battles. Make a list of absolute “No go” items – and keep this list as concise as possible. Zone in on the design details and styles that you just can’t live with. Hate tufting or Louis XV chairs? Throw those in there. Can’t stand orange, purple or stripes? Put them on the list. Share the lists with each other so you understand how far you can push the other’s design boundaries.

3. Consider what is right for your home. If you live in a San Francisco Victorian, chances are that sleek, ultra-modern look isn’t going to jibe well. Start with writing down the commonalities that you found with your inspiration images, then ask yourself which of these styles would fit best with the architecture of your home.

Good luck on your decorating journey. Just remember, you can always contact us if you need to call in the professionals!

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