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Green Interior Designer Tip: Natura Paint

Finally, a line of zero VOC paints that come in a wide selection of colors. It’s music to a green interior designer‘s ears! If you aren’t already up on the lingo, VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. The United States EPA defines a VOC as any organic compound that participates in atmospheric photochemical reactions except those designated by the EPA as having negligible photochemical reactivity. Meaning products that affect your indoor air quality. It’s unknown how much a fresh coat of paint can actually harm you, but it’s better safe than sorry.

Skipping ahead to the good stuff: Benjamin Moore has a new line of paints called the “Natura” line, which are considered zero VOC paints. The best part is that almost ALL of their colors are available as a Natura paint! Hallelujah options! If you are painting a baby’s room, are expecting a child, or just want to avoid the fresh paint smell this is for you. Go to Benjamin Moore’s website to learn more. (And, no, I am not getting paid for this!)

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