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Made in San Francisco: Non-toxic Upholstery

Our San Francisco interior design team designed a number of custom, eco-friendly upholstered items for our Virginia project that turned out beautifully. It’s inspired me to continue our mission of creating non-toxic, flame retardant-free sofas and armchairs for our California design projects.

non-toxic, eco-friendly upholstery designed by san Francisco interior designers
Eco-friendly lounge sofa designed for a media room

In 1975, California implemented Technical Bulletin 117 (TB117)—which requires furniture to be resistant to an open flame for 12 seconds. To meet this unique flammability standard, manufacturers largely relied on flame retardants. The chemicals used in flame retardants, largely PBDEs, have been linked to a wide range of health problems such as impaired fertility and IQ, and developmental problems in children.

In March California passed a new, updated version of TB117, which does not require the filling (typically polyurethane foam) to meet any open flame test. Foam manufacturers will no longer be required to add flame-retardant chemicals. This will go into effect in July of 2014, and we are hopeful that furniture manufacturers will immediately phase out these harmful chemicals.

In the meantime, our San Francisco interior designers are busy designing furniture with NO toxic chemicals, built right here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Natural latex foam wrapped in organic wool replaces cushions filled with chemicals. Not only are they eco-friendly and non-toxic, they are beautiful and comfortable. I just had a sectional built for our living room – it’s the coziest spot in the house. And, the best part: It doesn’t smell like chemicals!

8 thoughts on “Made in San Francisco: Non-toxic Upholstery

  1. I live in Alabama and wanted to see if this Eco-friendly modular sofa created for a kid’s playroom was for sale. If so, could you direct me to the site?

    1. We had this custom made in San Francisco. If you are interested in getting a quote please email us with rough dimensions. Thanks!

    1. The modular sofa was designed by us and made by our local fabricator. Please email us for pricing. Thanks!

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