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Kids Rule: San Francisco Decorator Showcase

We had a great time exploring the showcase house and catching up with fellow designers at the HGTV party last night. With a 19 month old at home I may be biased, but the kids spaces really stood out this year!

san francisco decorator showcase house 2014

“Little Roamer’s Room” designed by Regan Baker Design is an inspiring space perfectly suited to an imaginative young boy (or girl). The existing wallpaper from the 1970’s (WOW!) was given an adventurous and modern spin with explorer themed accessories and art. The tent expands the length of the room by latching onto a hook on the opposite wall.

sf showcase house 2014

“Lily’s Pad” designed by Artistic Designs for Living was another fun space, created for an artistic teenage girl. Jackson Pollock-style paint splatters on the ceiling mix with glamorous teal headboards and jolts of lime green and tangerine.



Congrats to all the designers who contributed their hard work and creative talent to the home. Be sure to stop by 3660 Jackson Street to see all the fabulous rooms in person – open through May 26th. Find details at the San Francisco Decorator Showcase website.

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3 thoughts on “Kids Rule: San Francisco Decorator Showcase

  1. Thanks for sharing that wonderful concept. Well I don’t have any ideas about the detailed budget it would take to have a room like that but I am quite confident that my kids will love it. This is indeed beautiful. Thanks for sharing wisdom, it is lovely 🙂

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