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Inside the Studio with Caroline Lizarraga

Collaborating with other local creatives is one of the best ways to take our San Francisco interior design projects to the next level. When we are looking to create a major WOW factor for our clients homes we turn to Caroline Lizarraga – San Francisco’s rockstar decorative artist! Even if you think you don’t know her, you’ve probably admired her painted walls at some of your favorite San Francisco Bay Area restaurants, such as Robin, Atelier Crenn, and Nightbird.

high end interior design for home in Yellowstone club Montana designed by San Francisco interior design firm
Walls by Caroline Lizarraga | Yellowstone Club Project by Niche Interiors

The Niche Interiors team has collaborated with Caroline and her talented team of artists on countless interior design projects over the years, ranging from subtle, calming designs for bedrooms to bold patterns as shown in our Yellowstone Club project. In this home our client was very involved in the design process, from the first stage of selecting inspiration images and patterns for the room, through the custom sample process where Caroline’s team creates sample boards showing their ideas for the space in various colors and finishes. They do an incredible job of channeling our vision for spaces and adjusting the pattern size, color and overall vibe to suit each individual client’s style.

Caroline recently launched her first wallpaper collection with Parete at Paris Deco Off last month, and since we couldn’t be there to celebrate, our team made a visit to her San Francisco Studio to see samples in person. First off, the collection is AMAZING – modern, bold and luxe with a fantastic range of colorways and patterns (one of which was inspired by the design she created for our very own office)! I love the clever names for each pattern such as “Plastered” and “I Lost my Marbles”.

San Francisco Decorative Painter Caroline Lizarraga's new wallpaper line
Caroline debuting her new wallpaper collection at Paris Deco Off

After we purchased our office and it came time to design our new San Francisco interior design studio, I knew that Caroline’s touch had to be featured somewhere in the space. The sample library was the perfect enclosed space where she had four walls to work with along with high ceilings and plenty of natural light. Her team created a layered, abstract motif with various textures of plaster in warm tones of blush, nude and mauve. The walls completely transformed the space from a white box to an inspiring place for our design team to review material samples and come up with new ideas for our Bay Area interior design projects.

San Francisco interior design firm studio with walls painted by Caroline Lizarraga
Niche Interiors Sample Library featuring hand painted walls by Caroline Lizarraga

At our recent studio visit, Caroline walked us through the delicate process of applying gold leaf and let the ladies of Niche give it a whirl. We had a blast and quickly appreciated the skill and craftsmanship that goes into the artistry of decorative wall treatments. (If you want to learn from Caroline yourself, check out her classes offered in Italy each year). You can follow Caroline’s international adventures and see more of her incredible work on Instagram @Caroline_lizarraga. Prepare to get inspired!

San Francisco interior designers from Niche Interiors are shown inside the decorative art and design studio of Caroline Lizarraga
Gold leafing demo at Caroline’s San Francisco Art Studio

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