Inside Look: Porter Teleo Wallpaper

We’re excited to give you an inside look at Porter Teleo – a beautiful, graphic collection of handmade textiles and wall coverings. Porter Teleo is the brain child of abstract artist Kelly Porter and interior designer Bridgett Cochran, who blend fine art processes, such as wood blocking and painting with a refined design aesthetic.

Above: Tangled Pattern in a Dining Room designed by Elms Interior Design

Founded in 2004 and based in Kansas City, all wallpapers and fabrics are created locally by a team of artists who are classically trained in the fine arts field. Porter, an award winning painter whose artwork hangs in galleries and celebrity homes, and Cochran, a designer with an eye for detail, quickly found a common bond; they were looking to capture and create something totally new for the design world.

Above: Porter Teleo artist hand painting a napkin

Their collaboration has resulted in an innovative way of making wallpaper and fabric, relying on an intuitive creative process. We love that all of their creations are completely customizable, from the non-toxic, water-based ink color to the scale and orientation of their patterns.

Above: Kintsugi Pattern Wallpaper in a bedroom designed by Kelly Behun

Their Japanese papers have been made by the same family in a small mountain village for over 1300 years. The main source of water for the paper making process is a fresh water river that flows through the town providing abundant plant life for the pulp material.

Above: Ink Blot Pattern in a playroom designed by Renschler & Co. 






Check out the entire collection here. Enjoy!





Wallpaper Done Right

Ready to kick your decor up a notch? Modern, printed wallpaper is the perfect way to add big impact to the small spaces in your home. We especially love using paper in the entryway, kitchen nook, powder room or study.

This Ferm Living wallpaper makes a great first impression. It is light, airy and welcomes guests with subtle tones of gold and turquoise. Add pieces with simple lines and a natural feel to create a welcoming place to hang your hat.

Above: Blu Dot Splash Coat Rack, Championes Wool RugArteriors Glass LampMitchell Gold Hayes Console Desk and Ochre Coco Mirror

This Erin Jonquil paper sets the tone for a fresh spot to enjoy morning tea. The song bird theme in yellow and beige is best mixed with natural, delicate pieces.

Above: Wishbone Chair, Room and Board Delano Cabinet, Random Light by Moooi and Hickory Ingold Center Table

The study is the ideal place to create a cozy atmosphere. Curl up in a comfortable lounge surrounded by this Cavern Plume feather printed paper in a rich gold hue.

Horne Calvo Side Table, Ochre Divine Recline Chair and Stool, Oly Stell Shelf and Ochre Scorpion Wall Light

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Bathroom Remodeling Cheat: Tile Tattoos

Loverstone on Clear print

I recently discovered Mibo tile tattoos — waterproof stickers that will instantly transform your boring (or outdated) tiles! Brilliant idea. They are currently offered in 4″ and 6″ sizes and come in a variety of patterns. With prices starting at $16 for a pack, they are a very affordable way to spruce up your bathroom. Oh, and if you are a renter don’t fear — Mibo promises the tattoos are easy to remove, leaving no sticky residue.

Shanklin blue tattoo

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San Francisco Color Consultant: Tips for Choosing Interior Paint

Selecting interior paint colors is an overwhelming and stressful event for many homeowners. This one area of decorating seems to give grief more than any other. After giving it some thought I narrowed it down to 3 main reasons why this is the case, and corresponding solutions to help you tackle this process.

Color consultant Bay Area

Bold, saturated colors work well in smaller rooms with generous moldings.

1. Selecting paint colors for your walls is a big commitment. Walls and ceilings make up a huge amount of visual space in your home; if you choose the wrong color it’s very hard to ignore those 8 foot walls screaming at you every day!

Solution: Test strips! Narrow down your paint selections to 2-3 top choices. Purchase small sample bottles and paint 1 foot squares on various walls in the room. Live with these samples for a few days and see which one you gravitate towards. This is the easiest way to avoid partnering with the wrong color.

2. Paint is elusive. Colors change with every minute of the day depending on the lighting; one color can look completely different in another room or even another wall.

Solution: Take notice of how your paint strips look during different times of the day. If a color looks slightly too dark try using the next lightest paint in that color family.

3. Noticing color saturation and tones is a learned art. If you don’t select paint colors for a living chances are that you will be drawn to paint colors that are too saturated and bold to live with on a daily basis.

Solution: Start with the color that you initially are drawn to, then go down two squares to on the paint sample to a lighter version of this color. While you may like a very saturated color in general, it doesn’t always translate well to interior walls. You can use brighter and bolder versions of this color in accents such as pillows, artwork etc. For more on selecting colors for each room see Niche Interiors’ San Francisco interior design newsletter from February.

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Eco-friendly wallcoverings by Innovations

As a Green Interior Designer in San Francisco, I am always looking for innovative and sustainable products. I recently used this eco-friendly grasscloth wallcovering made by Innovations USA in a project. Offered in their Innvironments line, this wallcovering is made from 100% cellulose and is certified by the Green Building Council. Best of all, it brings great texture to the room in a subtle way.

Niwa - Tsuru, From Innovations eco-friendly line of wallcoverings

Niwa - Tsuru, From Innovations eco-friendly line of wallcoverings

Check out a more comprehensive list of San Francisco green furniture and material sources!

Modern Wallpaper Sources and Tips

Above: Hygge & West Daydream wallpaper in Blue.

It’s no news to you that wallpaper is back! Now there are tons of fun, modern prints to choose from. Say goodbye to boring floral and country prints and hello to graphic and whimsical patterns that will add interest and drama to almost any room in the house. (Except for a full bathroom: Steam and wallpaper don’t mix.)

Wallpaper Pointers

Bold wallpaper prints are best applied in small doses for maximum impact. Instead of doing an entire living or dining room, consider choosing one accent wall. If you are going for a dramatic effect, foyers and powder rooms are great places to hang wallpaper on every wall. Both spaces are small in size and transitional in the flow of the house.

Modern Wallpaper Resources
Read on for highlights of my favorite wallpaper manufacturers.

Ferm Living ( is a Danish company coming out with lots of inventive, easy to install papers.

Twenty2 ( is a Brooklyn based husband and wife team that have been creating bold patterns since 2001.

Jocelyn Warner ( is a designer from the UK. Her designs range from intricate to simple and bold.

Hygge and West ( See Julia Rothman’s collection for Hygge & West for beautiful bird and tree motifs.

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Modern Wallpaper!

After today’s installation I officially love wallpaper again. The “Little Leaves” pattern above is made by Ferm Living, a Danish design company. The metallic sheen of the leaves is hard to capture in a photo, but beautiful in person. At $115 a roll, it’s also not a bad deal.

Green Interior Designer Tip: Natura Paints by Benjamin Moore

Finally, a line of zero VOC paints that come in a wide selection of colors. It’s music to a green interior designer‘s ears! If you aren’t already up on the lingo, VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. The United States EPA defines a VOC as any organic compound that participates in atmospheric photochemical reactions except those designated by the EPA as having negligible photochemical reactivity. Meaning products that affect your indoor air quality. It’s unknown how much a fresh coat of paint can actually harm you, but it’s better safe than sorry.

Skipping ahead to the good stuff: Benjamin Moore has a new line of paints called the “Natura” line, which are considered zero VOC paints. The best part is that almost ALL of their colors are available as a Natura paint! Hallelujah options! If you are painting a baby’s room, are expecting a child, or just want to avoid the fresh paint smell this is for you. Go to Benjamin Moore’s website to learn more. (And, no, I am not getting paid for this!)

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