Quick Fix Decorating: 5 Easy Things to do in a Day

It’s summer and the guests are starting to roll in! Whether it’s your in-laws from out of town, or just friends coming over for a barbeque – this is the time of year when you want to relax and have fun. Read on for 5 easy (and affordable) home makeover tips that you can do in a day.

1. Spruce it up with color. Toss out those faded accent pillows on your sofa and infuse the room with colorful replacements. Create simple flower arrangements in small vases in various rooms in the home. The bathroom is always a nice place for a jolt of color.

2. Create order. Do you have clutter spilling everywhere throughout your home? Group items into like-minded piles and contain items in attractive baskets or bins. Group small knick-knacks into pleasing, thoughtful arrangements and edit out items that don’t work.

3. Dress your windows. Bare windows or unsightly mini-blinds are a perfect opportunity to add softness, pattern and color to your room. Add drapery panels and new hardware for a more pulled-together look. Try mounting the rod a few inches above the window to elongate the height of your ceiling.

4. Provide flexible seating for guests. Chances are you don’t have enough chairs for 10-15 people. Invest in stylish folding chairs, floor pillows, small ottomans or poufs. Pull them out when guests arrive so no one has to sit on the floor.

5. Flattering lighting plan. Evaluate the lighting in your home. Are there dark corners that nobody ever sits in? Place lighting evenly throughout a room, combining floor lamps, table lamps, and task lamps as needed. Install dimmers on your lamps or use low wattage bulbs for relaxing ambient light. Bring out the candles for even softer party lighting.

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