Happy 4 Year Anniversary to Us!

June marks Niche Interiors’ 4th year in business – we’ve enjoyed these fun-filled, challenging, and fantastic years! A big thank you to all of our amazing clients and hard working contractors. To celebrate our anniversary, we wanted to share four insider design tips that will save you valuable time and effort.

Niche Interiors' first official project in 2007

1. Know Your Clearances
Placing furniture correctly will help create a functional room with good flow.
• Allow 36” for a major walkway, or 24”-30” for a traffic path between furniture.
• Cocktail tables should be placed 16-18” from your sofa.
• Allow 24”-28” of dining space per guest.

2. Bathroom Remodeling Cheats
• ALWAYS order 15% more tile than your square footage dictates.
• Don’t forget trim pieces! Anytime a material ends you will need a trim piece.

3. Pick Two Paint Colors – Not One
Get rid of the idea that you should pick one paint color for each room. Start with narrowing your options down to 4-5 specific hues, then after taping up paint chips on the wall you should be able to narrow the options down to two. Paint a 1 foot square of each color on multiple walls and make sure to notice the way the color changes throughout the day. After living with the color for a day, you are ready to fully commit!

4. Realistic Timelines
Starting a project with a realistic timeline and budget will prevent stress and disappointment. While budgets vary, there are definite standards when it comes to furniture lead times.

• Upholstered goods typically take 6-8 weeks.
• Custom furniture can take anywhere from 12-16 weeks.
• Factor in additional time for hiccups along the way such as dropped fabrics, backorders, and shipping delays.

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