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Greenest Nursery on the Block

There’s a lot of buzz about eco-friendly, non-toxic nurseries these days. Hooray, it’s about time! All this information can be helpful but a little overwhelming. We are here to help you sort through the details and focus on the most important elements that will impact your baby’s health.

Indoor air quality should be your biggest concern. Your little one will be spending hundreds of hours in their nursery, so it’s important to pay attention to the potentially harmful chemicals that off-gas into the space. Most importantly, pay attention to the following three elements.

1. Paint: Choose zero or low VOC paint, which releases less harmful VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, into the air.  Added bonus: The icky just-painted smell is practically non-existent! Our favorite line is Benjamin Moore’s Natura paint: It’s zero VOC and it’s compatible with any of Benjamin Moore’s wide range of colors.

2. Crib: Choose a crib with non-toxic finishes and that meets the highest regulations for formaldehyde emissions. Most cribs manufactured in Europe or Canada will meet this standard. We like Oeuf and Muu for their clean, modern style and use of sustainably harvested wood.

3. Mattress: This might be the most important purchase of all. Standard crib mattresses often contain harmful chemicals and fire retardants. Look for mattresses that are made of natural latex, organic wool, or organic cotton. Try Naturepedic or OMI Mattress.

Additional tips: Avoid roller shades made of PVC and avoid installing new wall to wall carpet (the adhesives can off-gas like crazy). Opt for hardwood floors instead. Wherever possible choose natural organic fabrics such as cotton, linen, and wool rather than synthetics. And, don’t forget to open a window! Fresh air will help prevent any harmful chemicals from building up in your home.

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