Custom Furniture Design: When to Splurge

If you live in San Francisco you are well aware of our tight spaces and awkward floor plans. Sometimes you just need an inspired solution to your design dilemma. When this is the case designers often turn to custom furniture, whether it be a unique sofa, hand-made table or built-in cabinets.

Designing a piece of furniture from start to finish provides an endless amount of options to the client and designer and a level of quality and craftsmanship that is rarely achieved with retail furniture. Read on for advice on when to splurge!

Tight Spaces. If you have a tiny bathroom or kitchen and need to maximize every last inch, custom cabinetry is the way to go. Stock vanities and cabinets come in limited sizes, and can be hard to tailor to your specific needs. Do you have an eat-in kitchen nook that barely fits a table and chairs? Built-in banquette seating can be a great option to make unusable spaces more functional.

Oddly Shaped Spaces. A long narrow living room or an oddly positioned fireplace are two instances when custom furniture will enhance the function of your space. A designer’s job is to provide a floor plan solution that maximizes function and beauty. Designing the proportions, selecting the type of construction and fill, and selecting the perfect fabrics can make all the difference in a room.

Uniquely Yours. Have you searched high and low for just the right armchair, mirror, or accent pillow with no luck? This can be a very frustrating experience. If the perfect furniture piece is eluding you or just doesn’t exist, then have it made! You will end up with a one of a kind piece that will inspire you for years to come.

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