Bun in the Oven? Best Online Sources for Modern Babies

Many of my clients are welcoming babies into the world shortly…Exciting! As a result, I thought I would share some of my favorite online sources for modern and sustainable baby furniture and accessories for those who are expecting. Luckily, there are a lot more options for design-savvy parents nowadays.

I’ve been a fan of Petit Collage since spotting their booth at the Renegade Craft Fair. How cute is that mobile??

Zac & Zoe offer a great selection of modern baby accessories, from furniture to creative toys and decor. Best of all, many of their products are made from sustainable materials. Go green babies!

2Modern carries tons of modern baby lines such as Offi, Oeuf, and Boodalee. They also carry Argington — a Green line of kid’s furniture made of Baltic Birch that is finished with a non-toxic, ecologically friendly clear coat.

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