Chic Summer Retreats

If you’re like us, you dream about escaping to a scenic place with an equally beautiful interior to match. Take a mini-vacay with these inspiring vacation homes, and steal a few tips to freshen up your own space!


Designed by Jeffrey Alan Marks

Now, this is a room you would want to lounge in for days! Take home tip: Layer a bold, striped rug over an existing rug for an graphic but laid-back feel.

Designed by Jeffrey Alan Marks

Take home tip: Maximize the potential of every corner of your home with statement artwork and beautiful, well-curated accessories. A well-styled table goes a long way!

Designed by Patrick Printy

Designed by Patrick Printy

If this was my vacation home, I’d never leave! Take home tip: Layer crisp white sheets with wool and linen blankets, and bring in the outdoors with a simple, but dramatic flower arrangement.

3 responses to “Chic Summer Retreats”

  1. I really like the design by Patrick Printy the subtle green is very tasteful and the chair is a must.

  2. Great interior furnishing and interior Decoration!

  3. Tamara says:

    This looks so amazing!! I would love a different color scheme in each room.

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