Bathroom Remodeling Cheat: Tile Tattoos

Loverstone on Clear print

I recently discovered Mibo tile tattoos — waterproof stickers that will instantly transform your boring (or outdated) tiles! Brilliant idea. They are currently offered in 4″ and 6″ sizes and come in a variety of patterns. With prices starting at $16 for a pack, they are a very affordable way to spruce up your bathroom. Oh, and if you are a renter don’t fear — Mibo promises the tattoos are easy to remove, leaving no sticky residue.

Shanklin blue tattoo

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3 responses to “Bathroom Remodeling Cheat: Tile Tattoos”

  1. cecelia says:

    such a fun idea! great find!

  2. this is a great idea, especially for designers who want to add an inexpensive wow factor.

  3. sandie says:

    Ill be moving to another apt n got 1950’s pink tiles wall…don’t like! l want to have gray n tortoise color with black n white birch tree shower curtain…also dont want overwhelm solid tortoise or dull gray wall…I really dont want pink in sight…what would u suggest? Thank you for reading this n look forward to read your reply

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